Language Translators’ skills

Language Translators’ qualifications

One of the problems that language translators face is competition; there is a great deal of competition between native speakers and language translators.

It’s always preferable to hire native speakers, as they can provide more efficient service.


As a language translator, you need to have the required qualifications to do the job accurately. If you want to translate into a language, you have to be fluent in it, at least at the level of an educated native speaker of that language .You also need to have a specialization (medical, technical, legal, etc.) and have a talent for writing.

While a specialized degree in translation is useful, what is more important is the ability to learn and acquire knowledge. This ability may differ from one translator to another, but as a language translator, you need to develop your skills and become more professional to meet translation-quality standards.

Language translators are defined not only by their language skills, but also by their knowledge of the specific areas they work in, whether the language they specialize in be English, Turkish, Arabic, Chinese, German, or any other. Each specific field has its own vocabulary, syntax, and style; translators have to work hard to develop their knowledge to deal with such material.

This knowledge also includes two other important factors. The first is background knowledge concerning the specific field. Although this does not mean that translators should have a bachelor’s degree in the area they specialize in, some background, experience, or education (or all three) is essential. This can be obtained through courses, work experience, or self-study. It doesn’t really matter how language translators develop their knowledge, as long as they truly improve themselves.

Second, language translators should have the necessary resources to deal with the material, such as dictionaries, websites and any other resources devoted to translation or terminology, as well as blogs, translation discussion groups, or friends or colleagues who work in the profession. Translators have to work day and night to improve their knowledge of the fields they work in and maintain their reference library.

Finally, what really makes a good language translator is having the skill, experience and the ability to always learn more.

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